Who We Are

Mission: To empower the under empowered through training to become effective problem solvers, creating a stronger workforce.

Vision: To connect employees to employers to improve workplace performance.

Core Values: Our values serve as a guide and are comprised of the very foundation of what Empowerment Advocacy Group is built upon. Our daily operations are governed according tothese values in order to turn our customer’s dreams into reality.

Accountability – We set high performance standards and hold ourselves personally and collectively accountable to each other and the community that we serve.

Love – We believe that Love covers a multitude of things. We lead with compassion, provide service with care and consider our team our family.

Environment – Our employees are our number one priority. Our goal is to create a fun, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere increasing productivity and growth; enabling us to provide quality results to our customers.

Inclusion – We value diversity and unique contributions, fostering a trusting, open and inclusive environment promoting teamwork and growth.

Learning – We believe in perfecting our craft through both personal and professional development. We do this through skill building workshops, seminars, conferences and continual learning to better service our customers.

Empowerment – We believe that with every problem there is a solution. We empower individuals to become problem solvers and perform at their full potential.

Community – Common + Unity = Community. We all unite to meet one common goal. By servicing our community we give back through volunteering and philanthropy. We unite around our commonalities instead of divide because of our differences.

Contact Us

Phone: (248) 268-2711
Email: info@empowermentag.com

3233 Coolidge Hwy
Berkley, MI 48072-1633