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Building a Customized Infrastructure

Creating employment opportunities is a two way street. Our Job Development team works to identify, develop and secure employment opportunities for individuals by partnering with businesses to understand their organization, goals and specific hiring needs. We then develop hiring solutions that match those indicators to pair qualified employees with a potential employer.


Job Developers are with you every step of the Job seeking experience:

  • Create and Develop Top-notch Cover Letters, Resumes, Portfolios, and other items
  • Complete paper or online applications/assessments
  • Present employment proposals to potential employers and strategic marketing/networking on individual’s behalf
  • Develop Interviewing Skills: Mock Interviewing, Situational/Behavioral Interviewing Techniques, Developing “elevator pitches”, etc.
  • Provide On-site Employer/Individual Interviewing Support including transportation
  • Follow-up with employers on individual’s behalf or coaching on follow-up techniques
  • Work with employers for recruitment, job customization, and placement
  • Coordinate Long-term “follow-along” supports

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