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Pre ETS Training Program

Until Summer Work Experiences Begin


Pre-ETS are open to all students with disabilities. Pre-Employment Transition Services are available to student with disabilities ages 14-25 who are in high school, college, or another recognized education program.

Transition Programming Pillars

Work-based Learning

Students participates in unpaid or paid temporary work experiences as agreed upon by the Counselor and the student. The location of the site will be targeted based on the interests of the student and consensus of the student’s team.

Post Secondary Education Counseling

Activities are based on the needs of the student. Activities could include: on-line research into post-secondary education institutions that may be of interest based on the career goals of the student, registration and support with college tours, and research to determine the process for applications


Student participate in a person-centered planning process, which will serve as a tool for the student to express his/her post-secondary goals. The process involves observation, personal interviewing and exploration of resources available.

Job Exploration

Discovery of careers available and exploration of students interests and aptitiude


Participation in courses aimed to develop work place readiness, the soft skills needed to advance in the workplace and improving job retention success.

Program Highlights

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  • Interactive
  • Coaching

Interactive Sessions

The job readiness program is a high energy, hands-on and interactive training, created specifically for high school students.

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Customizable programming to meet individual needs

Our strategy is to incorporate skills, abilities, education, experience and image into a well-built portfolio for our customers

Most Popular

Summer Experiences

The Navigator summer work experience provides participants the opportunity to apply skills learned during the program in work or volunteer experiences during the summer. 

  • Paid and Unpaid Experiences
  • Aptitude based employment opportunities
  • In Demand industries
  • Reputable community Partners

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